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Hop on hop off Yarra Valley


Ahhh, the Yarra Valley. This region is known for cool-climate sparklings (that rival the finest our French brethren can produce), for languorous lunches and for being a countryside sanctuary for beings both human and beast alike.  

But did you know that the Yarra Valley also has a cracking gin scene to uncover? And ridiculously good chocolate? And a series of craft brews? 

We did. Hop It can take you there. 

Wine Tour Mornington Peninsula


Salty air and surf-mussed hair. 

That’s the feeling we want to chase on the Mornington Peninsula. We also seek adventures in the epicurean, the revivifying powers of natural spring waters as well as a damn good glass of Pinot Noir around here. 

You can too. Hop It will take you along for the ride.

Hop It, Hop stop taste repeat

Have you heard about our 3 golden rules for hopping?

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